Oracle Licence Audit Consultants Protecting Australian Business

One of the most respected software developers in the world, the Oracle suite of database software and technology is used around the country by some of the largest corporations in Australia. The company has earned a reputation for aggressively pursuing cases of licensing non-compliance, serving organisations with substantial financial claims for improperly using their software.

At Enterprise Licence Solutions, we understand how opaque and complicated maintaining compliance with Oracle’s licensing guidelines can be. With decades of experience helping companies across a range of industries, our team of consultants is well-equipped to ensure that your business minimises its compliance exposure.

Supporting your business in more ways

Whether you’re looking to protect yourself against a future Oracle licence compliance audit or have already been informed that a breach of your licensing contract has been discovered, we want to be involved. The best-case scenario is always being vigilant for changes in the licence agreement or in your own operations that could result in exposure, but we have experience in providing consultation for companies already under audit.

Regardless of the stage at which we become involved, our consultants will examine your current licence entitlements and how they are being deployed across your company, working with management and your IT organisation to ensure that no licence is being misused. Where we find compliance risks, we have extensive experience in developing low-cost, low-disruption solutions that can be rapidly rolled out across your organisation to protect you against claims by the licensor.

The expertise you need

Our software licence audit services help you avoid unnecessary time, effort and expenditure that would be better utilised elsewhere. Make the smart choice for your company and contact a locally-based team that has more than a quarter of a century of experience in helping Australian businesses maximise the utility of their licences.

Start a discussion with our staff today and find out how we can help you ensure the success of your business now and into the future. Contact us today via email at or call us directly on +61 407 728 623.